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Activities : Local Manufacturing For Packaging ( Resins) ,

Man Machine is one of the leading companies specialized in Designing, Manufacturing, and Delivering, Installing, Importing Machinery & production lines & presenting & Executing & Scattering technical solutions for industrial programs using the highest technology in monitoring and controlling units and computer supervision Using the essential tools to handle their clients’ needs and expectations from Creation to completion with care, precision and excellence.

Allowing Man Machine to share the success with their clients in the global market.

Man Machine Company who has been working in the food processing industry owes its success to the long years of experience in the sector and to the most advanced technologies used to guarantee the quality and reliability of its equipments and to meet the requirements of its customers.

Designed in a rational and essential way, Man Machine machines are available to serve different industries such as:
food, pharmaceutical, confectionary, chemical, mechanical industry and others.

The continuous development and the constant attention to the market, Man Machine Company
do not prevent Man Machine Company from manufacturing all its equipments with
artisan care and testing them with the greatest accuracy before delivery.

Olive oil extraction line
Sorting, Grading, Pitting and Slicing Olive line
Storage, Fermentation and Oxidation for Olive
Concentrated Fruit production line
Beverage production line
Pasteurization system
Dairy production line
Biscuit and Chocolate production line
Packing system
Vegetable production line
Meat production line
Freezing Tunnels
Drying system
Tanks and Mixers

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